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Jorogumo Sketch :iconboomblox5896:Boomblox5896 3 0
Vincent van Helsing :iconboomblox5896:Boomblox5896 1 19 DerpFrame, the Leeroy Jenkins Simulator :iconboomblox5896:Boomblox5896 0 0 Jetstream Solo :iconboomblox5896:Boomblox5896 3 0 The Phantom Photo Groupie :iconboomblox5896:Boomblox5896 3 0 Co-op Mode was Never Better! :iconboomblox5896:Boomblox5896 1 3 After Nine Years in Development... :iconboomblox5896:Boomblox5896 3 0 Samurai of Spirits :iconboomblox5896:Boomblox5896 5 7
The Pain of It
I feel some aura of oppression upon me. This force which pushes over what I can barely hold myself. I first felt it when those horrid events were being held. I had no idea just how it would wreak havoc upon my very spirit at first, but I soon found out the hard way. These events were fun to me at first. I met many of my friends there and the events which they held were entertaining to me and many others at the time, but as time passed with every session, I began to realize just how dark this thing really was.
It started with failure. Being a failure is enough of a reason to flee, but not quite in the manner I did. I felt that I was mocked with every fall I made and I found the gap between me and everyone else was much wider than I thought. There were even times when I tried calming down and backing off during such festivities when I couldn't catch up with the rest. The results were severe punishment of the most unusual kinds. The powers that be in those parts were tyranno
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I would have gotten away with it too :iconvashperado:vashperado 4,553 280
The unclear road
It's 2017 and as much as it's cool to start something new, it somehow always evoke mixed feelings as well.
When you start out doing art for the first time it's fairly easy which way to go. There's a whole lot of basics to master in order to make something that even remotely looks good. But as tough as it sounds, it's actually fairly simple. After all... when you suck at something there's only one direction you can take: You get better.
Art as a beginner was fairly easy. There's a clear indication on what to study (for example: get better at anatomy or color) and if you do you see results almost immediately. There's a whole lot of books and tutorials catered towards beginners, and there's a lot of people that are able to point out your mistakes and tell you what you can change in order to get better. There's a clear sense of direction in which to go, and that's nice. I feel like I've kinda lost that sense of direction lately.
As you get further, the road ahead becomes less clear. It's n
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Watch these you Morons!
[Read the entire Journal before saying anything in the comments, I will not allow disproven and invalid arguments, and I will be calling out a huge group of people for the dumbasses they are, you've been warned, whether or not you get triggered is of no concern to me. I've lost all patience for you people, you had your chance, I refuse to be silent any fucking longer, I will not stand idly by and let you retarded dumbasses demonize me and others like me!]
Here's something we need to sit and talk about that I have been itching to touch upon! A lot of people I know on here, have thrown around so many insults and disgusting words to Donald Trump Supporters like me, things like "white supremacist", "homophobic", "transphobic", "just plain racist", "feminist", "faggot", "Nazi Lover". Fuck you you hiveminded asinine bullshitter! Stop listening to everything the fucking media says and Start fact checking your shit every once in a while! Watch these God damn videos then tell me I'm any of thes
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Spidermother :iconvaejoun:Vaejoun 6,361 486
Just some rambling about support
I was just looking back at some of the sketches I did a few years ago (Sketchdump folder, in case you were wondering). Call it nostalgia, or just me not knowing where those sketchbooks went after I moved. It's funny how at the time, I thought they were close to the best thing I could ever produce... or at least good enough to upload. Yet when I look back at them now, I see how much they lack, and why people didn't like 'em. They were bad. Honestly. 
The point is not that those sketches were awful. It took me a lot of blood, sweat and tears to even produce them. And although I might not have the physical drawings anymore, I do have the memory of how much time I spend on fiddling to at least try and get the anatomy right. They're part of a path. Part of a long journey that I'm still on nowadays. And truly hope that within another 4 or 5 years I look back on my stuff and think to myself; "Damn!
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wanna play? :iconsammihisame:sammihisame 521 21 Marlon Webb #JoggingManChallenge Chat/Comment Icon :icongold94chica:gold94chica 1,691 525 Spider Dance :iconthebreeziestbreeze:TheBreeziestBreeze 26 1 Muffet/Widowmaker :iconvirenth:Virenth 16 1 Muffet/Widowmaker :iconvirenth:Virenth 22 5 Calhouns :iconakiranime:akiranime 33 8 The Face of Adventure :iconpyrekure:Pyrekure 2 1 Reinhardt Schneider (Castlevania 64) :iconcastcuraga:castcuraga 10 3 Dancing Pumkin head 2 :iconzorasteam:ZoraSteam 394 19
Compare yourself
"The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel" 
There's so much truth in this quote.
I can remember signing up to this website quite a number of years ago. I used to be among the best artists at school, but compared to most artists here... I absolutely sucked!
So I guess I did the thing that most people do when they first publish their shit on the world wide web and realize they aren't nearly as good at they thought they are; I got depressed and ragequit art for a while. Then I got back to drawing and lamented the fact that I wasn't among those insanely talented people (which, admittedly, I sometimes still do XD).
The funny thing is that I created entire scenario's in my head about those 'art idols'. About how amazing it would be that they could draw anything they want. About how people would naturally flock around them because they had skills. About how they earned big bucks by selling
:icondamaimikaz:DamaiMikaz 628 200


I must say already, by simply looking at your art works, I'm astonished at the skill and effort put into it. You are absolutely amazing...

To be honest, I personally love this one. The detail in this particular sketch is absolutely unparallelled. The freckles on her face, t...


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David Benjamin Reinhardt Torres
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I am currently an art student and I do pretty well with sketches and paintings. I enjoy music and seeing various other pieces of art of a certain style, but of course everyone has their own specific taste, right? I'm not the biggest in the world, but then again, nobody REALLY is either.

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What Anime Hair Color Best Suits Your Personality?
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2. How would you react if the world banned all vidja gaems? o^o
    2. I would riot, although I'd get by with just chatting with my friends.
3. What will you do if you the robot apocalypse comes?
    3. Impossible, robots are only as good as their engineers make them. I took engineering class, so I should know.
4. If you thought of someone from a media, be it a game or an anime, appear in your front door, what'll you do?
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